Matthew Weidner

Caltech Class of 2018

Rank Parities of Sextic Twists over Q
I am a math major (and computer science minor) at Caltech.
My current interests are in theoretical computer science, especially explicit constructions and algebraic algorithms.



I play tenor saxophone in the Caltech-Occidental Concert Band. I also occasionally attend meetings of Caltech's undergraduate NERF Club and Math Club. I can juggle 5 balls and 3 of various other objects.

Math is Fun?

Here is a list of math jokes, graciously compiled by Laura Shou.
Here is a packet of "fun" math problems, compiled from various sources by a group including William Hoza, Laura Shou, Jalex Stark, Michael Wheeler, and myself. They are designed to be printed double sided and cut in two, so that each problem has a link to its "answer" on the back.


mweidner [AT]