Matthew Weidner

PhD Student @ CMU CSD

I am a computer science PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Heather Miller. For most of my PhD, I was supported by an NDSEG Fellowship from the US Office of Naval Research.

I research building blocks for collaborative and local-first software - in particular, Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs).

I'm on the market for a software engineering job post-PhD. • @MatthewWeidner3LinkedInGitHub

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Demo apps and prototypes.


Case study in building the same collaborative recipe editor using various collaboration frameworks (+ React).

Collabs Demos

Live demos using Collabs, created by student contributors.

Fileshare Recipe Editor

Additional Collabs demo that uses Dropbox as the “local-first sync engine”, instead of its own server. Electron, React.

Poster Session

Experiment using an older version of Collabs for non-CRDT collaboration.

It is a web app with a multiplayer 3D world where you can move around, talk (with WebRTC proximity audio), add objects, and draw on whiteboards. May be flaky. BabylonJS, React, PeerJS, Heroku.

Source code